Moving Messages from Parents of Disabled Children

I often tell young adults, “One day you’ll leave home and make your own way in life. And then you’ll find out how hard it is, a lot harder than you might think. You need to start now to become strong as person….”

I tell them this not to dampen their hopes and dreams, but to encourage them to learn, grow and prepare.

I was reminded of this recently as I watched a powerful video produced by an acquaintance, Elizabeth Acquino, a mother of three lovely children, one of whom is severely disabled by epilepsy. Along the way Elizabeth has been involved in programs to help parents with similar challenges. Through her blog, she contacted parents of disabled children to ask them what they might have told themselves on the day their child was diagnosed.

Their responses became the raw material for this video…

Here are convincing messages of hope, enough to move and inspire any viewer.

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