Conversations with parenting experts…

Dr. Coates regularly interviews top parenting experts on topics related to raising teenagers.

Here is the recording of my conversation with Chris Efessiou, author of the excellent parenting book, Chief Daddy Officer. In it I reveal some scary things most parents don’t know about their teenagers. For example,  that the developing brains of teenagers can be permanently damaged by alcohol and drugs. And what they need to do to give their child a superior mind, instead of a limited, simple one.

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The new eBook, How to Give Your Teen a Superior Mind, is now available free to parents and adults who work with teens. Although several books about the teen brain have been published, none of them talk about the permanent long-term consequences of teen brain development – or what adults can do to cultivate a robust foundation for critical thinking, judgment and decision making.


If you want to have a positive impact on teenagers, you have to be be able to connect with them. But teens aren’t always so easy to talk to. They’re on a journey that ultimately leads to flying away from the nest, and they’re experimenting with independence and exploring their individuality. And emotions can flare at any time.


Recently I was interviewed by Sharon Ball on Blog Talk Radio. Sharon is a prominent life coach and author of the book, Reinventing Yourself Today.